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All free or cheap! Trim your planning time with Sudden Homeschool math worksheets, writing prompts, and other resources for teaching grades 1 to 5.

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“English Surnames” Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Lesson Planning


What’s in a name? Teach about history and the English language with this fun handout.

Preview of mental math problems packet

“Mental Gymnastics” Mental Math Problems


Start math class with Mental Gymnastics! This activity can review math facts while promoting a quiet learning environment. Meant for grades 2 to 5, the download features 72 mental math problems and three skill levels. 

Back-to-School 2021 Classroom Chat


Draw a memory. Discuss it with a partner.

Preview of a printable fractions chart

Fractions Wall


Teach fractions with this free handout as a visual reference.

Instead of “Said” Lesson Plan and Word Lists


Writers tend to overuse the word “said.” This lesson plan helps improve word choice.

Interesting Introductions


Share four interesting ways to start stories.

Preview of a poetry writing prompt

Poetry Writing Prompts for All Ages


Download twenty high-quality poetry prompts in picture format.

Sample Homeschool Schedules with Template


See sample homeschool schedules and download a template.

Preview of "silent e" spelling worksheets

Silent E Lesson Plan with Worksheets


Teach the “silent e” spelling pattern C-V-C-E.

Spanish “Regular AR Verbs” Memory Game


Tap cards to find pairs of Spanish and English verbs.

Spanish “Regular ER Verbs” Memory Game


Download code for an ER verbs review game.

Spanish “Regular IR Verbs” Memory Game


Download an HTML game for use in beginner Spanish lessons.

I Am poem template

Write an “I Am” Poem


Assign the easy-to-complete “I Am” poem for ages 7 to adult.

Mini Lesson: Capitalization


Review capitalization rules with a student’s current book and their own writing.

The cover page for "Drama Queen's Theater"

Drama Queen’s Theater


Adapt any book into a play for practice reading aloud.

Just-Right Spelling Lessons


Easily make just-right spelling lessons for any student.

Choosing Just-Right Books


Teach kids to choose books at ideal reading levels.

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