Language Arts

“A Little Adjective Practice” (Printable and H5P)

Give adjective practice with Mary and Larry the Lamb! Ten items each have one adjective to mark.

SH spelling word search preview

“CH Words” Online Word Search

Find 10 words spelled with CH. Click to highlight.

Double letters spelling word search preview

“Double Letters” Summer Word Search

Eight double-letter words are hidden in the grid. Highlight them with your cursor.

“English Surnames” Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Lesson Planning

What’s in a name? Teach about history and the English language with this fun handout.

“Find Nouns and Car Keys” (Printable and H5P)

Find nouns in 10 sentences about Mom’s missing keys.

“Find Verbs with Churro” (Printable and H5P)

It’s grammar practice with Churro the cat! Ten sentences about cat life each have one verb to mark.

Grade 1 Sight Words Memory Game

“Grade 1 Sight Words” Online Memory Game

How quickly can you find six pairs? Tap to show two cards at a time.

Grade 3 Sight Words Memory Game

“Grade 3 Sight Words” Online Memory Game

Tap two cards to turn them over. Work to find five matching pairs.

Tip: After flipping a card, read it aloud. This can help you remember its location.

SH spelling word search preview

“SH Words” Online Word Search

Find the hidden SH words. Use your mouse to highlight answers.

Silent e word search

“Silent E” Word Search 2

Click to highlight words that end with silent e.

Preview of "find nouns" worksheets

Five “Find Nouns” Worksheets

This set of noun worksheets fits multiple skill levels. Topics range from a snoopy squirrel to the moons of Saturn.

Gumball Coloring: Distinguish “b” from “d”

Learning the alphabet, we tend to confuse b and d. This freebie from Sudden Homeschool can help kids learn the difference.

The download is a black-and-white PDF. Extra materials: Blue and yellow crayons or markers. 

Halloween Reading Comprehension, Grades 2 and 3

Assign smart and fun reading comprehension for Halloween! This three-pack of Halloween worksheets is meant for grades 2 and 3.

Here Comes Silent e!

A rhyming book focused on spelling with “silent e”

Instead of “Said” Lesson Plan and Word Lists

Writers tend to overuse the word “said.” This lesson plan helps improve word choice.

Interesting Introductions

Share four interesting ways to start stories.

Preview of a poetry writing prompt

Poetry Writing Prompts for All Ages

Download twenty high-quality poetry prompts in picture format.

Reading Comprehension – Halloween Passage for Grades 2 and 3 (Free)

Help assess reading comprehension with the Halloween story “A Change of Costume.”

Preview of "silent e" spelling worksheets

Silent E Lesson Plan with Worksheets

Teach the “silent e” spelling pattern C-V-C-E.

Trace Halloween Words (2 Pages)

Give penmanship practice with two free worksheets about Halloween.

Trace Thanksgiving Words

A free worksheet for practicing penmanship and spelling

Trace Winter Words Packet (Four Pages)

Give handwriting practice with four worksheets entitled “Trace Winter Words.”

I Am poem template

Write an “I Am” Poem

Assign the easy-to-complete “I Am” poem for ages 7 to adult.

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