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“A Little Adjective Practice” (Printable and H5P)


Give adjective practice with Mary and Larry the Lamb! Ten items each have one adjective to mark.

“Bowling within 1000” to Add Triple-Digit Numbers


Practice adding triple-digit numbers with Laverne, Shirley, and other bowlers.

Preview of Caticorn H5P Memory game

“Caticorn” H5P Memory Game


Cat unicorn game! Combine your memory skills and luck to find matching cards.

Sudden Homeschool made “Caticorn” just for fun. Other H5P games on this website are educational. Teachers can embed the files in lessons to make remote lessons more interactive.

SH spelling word search preview

“CH Words” Online Word Search


Find 10 words spelled with CH. Click to highlight.

“Color the Fractions” Worksheet


Help students understand fractions with this free worksheet.

“Compare the Numbers” Packet (Inequalities Worksheets)


Ten PDF worksheets for marking >, < and = with numbers up to 100

Double letters spelling word search preview

“Double Letters” Summer Word Search


Eight double-letter words are hidden in the grid. Highlight them with your cursor.

“English Surnames” Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Lesson Planning


What’s in a name? Teach about history and the English language with this fun handout.

“Favorite Things” Word Search


Drag your cursor to highlight 10 “favorite things” from the Julie Andrews song.

“Find Nouns and Car Keys” (Printable and H5P)


Find nouns in 10 sentences about Mom’s missing keys.

“Find Verbs with Churro” (Printable and H5P)


It’s grammar practice with Churro the cat! Ten sentences about cat life each have one verb to mark.

Grade 1 Sight Words Memory Game

“Grade 1 Sight Words” Online Memory Game


How quickly can you find six pairs? Tap to show two cards at a time.

Grade 3 Sight Words Memory Game

“Grade 3 Sight Words” Online Memory Game


Tap two cards to turn them over. Work to find five matching pairs.

Tip: After flipping a card, read it aloud. This can help you remember its location.

Match Colors Online Memory Game

“Match Colors” Online Memory Game


Find pairs of rainbow colors. How quickly can you clear the board?

“Match Fractions and Decimals” Online Memory Game


Match fractions with equivalent decimals in this online Memory game

The Mars card, a preview of planets memory game

“Match the Planets” Online Memory Game


Exercise your memory with pictures of the planets in our solar system.

SH spelling word search preview

“SH Words” Online Word Search


Find the hidden SH words. Use your mouse to highlight answers.

Silent e word search

“Silent E” Word Search 2


Click to highlight words that end with silent e.

Subtract within 10 H5P game

“Subtract Within 10” Picture Problems


Click to solve 10 subtraction problems with cute animal characters.

Preview of mental math problems packet

“Mental Gymnastics” Mental Math Problems


Start math class with Mental Gymnastics! This activity can review math facts while promoting a quiet learning environment. Meant for grades 2 to 5, the download features 72 mental math problems and three skill levels. 

1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving retold with an award-winning National Geographic photographer

28 Days: Moments in Black History that Changed the World

Brief biographies of 28 figures in Black American history

A Movie in My Pillow/Una Película en Mi Almohada

A bilingual poetry book celebrating two homelands

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