All free or cheap! Trim your planning time with Sudden Homeschool math worksheets, writing prompts, and other resources for teaching grades 1 to 5.

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Subtraction Word Problems: Subtract within 20, No Remainder (1)


Free math worksheet! This download features five realistic word problems about subtraction.

Thanksgiving Word Search (Printable)


Print a free Thanksgiving word search for ages 7+.

Trace Halloween Words (2 Pages)


Give penmanship practice with two free worksheets about Halloween.

Trace Thanksgiving Words


A free worksheet for practicing penmanship and spelling

Trace Winter Words


Give penmanship practice with the free worksheet “Trace Winter Words.”

Trace Winter Words Packet (Four Pages)


Give handwriting practice with four worksheets entitled “Trace Winter Words.”

I Am poem template

Write an “I Am” Poem


Assign the easy-to-complete “I Am” poem for ages 7 to adult.

Writing Prompts Pack 1


Fourteen writing prompts for grades 1 & 2

Writing Prompts Pack 2


Top-notch writing prompts for grades 2 & 3

Writing Prompts Pack 3


Engaging writing prompts especially for grade 3

Mini Lesson: Capitalization


Review capitalization rules with a student’s current book and their own writing.

The cover page for "Drama Queen's Theater"

Drama Queen’s Theater


Adapt any book into a play for practice reading aloud.

Just-Right Spelling Lessons


Easily make just-right spelling lessons for any student.

Choosing Just-Right Books


Teach kids to choose books at ideal reading levels.

Draw the Time (Preview)


Free worksheet for showing time on the whole hour

Draw the Time (Packet)


Four worksheets for drawing time on the hour

Tell Time on the Hour (4 Worksheets)


Four worksheets for practice telling time on the hour

Draw the Time: Half Hours, Sets 1 & 2


Two clock worksheets with US & international time zones

Draw the Time: Five-Minute Intervals


Four worksheets for telling time in five-minute increments

Preview for telling time to nearest minute

Draw the Time: One-Minute Intervals


Four worksheets for telling time in one-minute increments

Draw the Time: Quarter Hours


Twelve prompts for drawing time on the quarter hour

Rebus Sets 1 to 3


Three rebus worksheets with nine puzzles each

Add Within 20, All Carrying


Sixteen vertical addition problems with totals up to 20

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